Teaching Aid

Transformation of teaching learning takes place through the introduction of modern technologies in the class rooms. Higher classes aided teaching is aimed at bringing dynamism in the class the way teachers teach and students learn in the school. These digital instruction materials will be of great use to all the levels to meet with the specific objectives laid out by different learning standards and curricula by the school.


The library is stocked with an excellent collection of books and journals on all relevant subjects which enables students to enhance their knowledge and skills. The newspaper section and periodicals disseminate knowledge on the current affairs nationally and internationally.

Computer Lab

The school has internet facility. LCD projector, screen and Laptop are used to present power point programme. The state of the art computer center helps students to integrate Information Technology and Management of Information System. In the initial years of their schooling, students are taught to use the computers as a tool rather than a subject.

Sports and Games

School has a spacious playground. Besides athletic related facilities, the school has a football ground, volley ball court, Basket ball court,kho-kho facility for throw balls, badminton, cricket etc.


School has an Auditorium with a seating capacity of approx 2000students at a time. It is mainly used for school functions, celebrations, debates, competitions, cultural show, and exhibitions, Inter school competitions, students orientation programme, Guest lectures and etc. also are held.

Extra-curricular Activities and Co-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities and co-curricular activities bring out the best in every child. It helps the students to realize their self worth, self image and self expression. According their aptitudes students are trained in yoga, meditation, science and mathematics related state level competitions, sports and Games of their choice.

Dance and Music

A music teacher is at place round the year to train the students in music and rhythmic movements. A School Band is in making. Students showcase their talents in music and dance at public functions.